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Welcome to my website!
I'm Abdus Sattar, author of Distant Harmony: Stories from around the World.

About my latest book, Distant Harmony: Stories from around the World

Journeying from continent to continent and finding beauty in all of nature and every example of humanity, Distant Harmony presents a collection of short stories examining our lives and the ways in which we are connected to our past, to nature, and to our fellow human beings.
Though the tales from author Abdus Sattar tell of poverty, grief, loss, and hunger throughout disparate cultures and diverse peoples, they communicate themes of a deep love of humanity and the unquenchable dignity of the human spirit. The selection “On the Euphrates” parallels the lives of two parents thousands of miles apart as they grieve for their children. “A Desert Sketch” provides a glimpse into the stark reality of Mariam, a Bedouin who ekes out a living with her father.
With vivid imagery, Distant Harmony shows melodies of political oppression, regret, and longing, yet always tempered with love and hope.


Praise for Distant Harmony:
“The narrator of these tales journeys through time and space, fulfilling his own creative quest. Through his captivating voice and vision, Abdus Sattar transforms the disharmony of distant places into a rich melody, textured with strains of faraway wars, familial tragedy, yet always overpowering love.”
—Brenda Hudson


Let the proceeds of this book, our insights, initiative and words of wisdom evoke the mood and deepen the meaning of life of a cancer patient. Proceeds are donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

Abdus Sattar