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Writing and Submission Guidelines for Web-publishing opportunity

 Open to all Fiction Writers

 Submission Fee: $10.00 per Story

Stories not to exceed 2,000 words. selected story will be published online monthly. Beside the web-publication the top three stories will also be submitted in the quarterly magazine.

In addition, the number one story author will be awarded an author singed book, DISTANT HARMONY-Stories from around the World.

Selected contestant will be required to give written permission for web-publication along with an author biography not to exceed 50 words and a head shot of  2"X 2" photograph.

Optional Services: For an additional $15.00 fee all selected writers  may receive a critique of the story, and a required professional letter to the editor to any other Magazines for further publication opportunity. The writer will hold the copyright of the story.


Open Submissions Year-Round

Distant Harmony Publishing will be collecting 20 top notch quality short stories for its upcoming book publication. Our motto would be to divide the publishing cost reasonably among 20 authors though Distant Harmony  publishing will assume a major portion of the cost. For understanding the genre of the story needed (history, fiction and literature) you may purchase an electronic or hard copy of the book-Distant Harmony-stories from around the world. If interested to explore further the book publishing opportunity, please contact bhsattar@yahoo.com with inquiry and questions. All writers will hold the copyright. Our main mission is to mentor, encourage and develope new authors.


 Please make your submissions at:

Distant Harmony.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

 Submissions by mail:

(Fee: $12.00 - Payable to Distant Harmony)

 Mail to:

Distant Harmony Submissions Dept (BH)

PO Box 170913

Irving, TX 75061

Do not send originals. If you wish to have your copy returned please

send a stamped self-address envelope.