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Distant Harmony: Stories from around the World by Abdus Sattar

Editor: Awards Luncheon to Honor Mr. Sattar

Hosted by: Dr. Peggy Ruff

Chair of English and Literature

Distinguished Honors Professor

Dallas, Texas 


The introduction of the Distant Harmony permits a broadening in scope, offering wider literary coverage in the fields of psychology, history, and biography—subjects that do not lend themselves to a usual synopsis format.

I have tried to create and keep alive stories people want to hear, imaginative events depicted in fiction, philosophy and human life from around the world.

Most assertions in this book are based on true events. Occasionally though, recalling events of 40 years ago becomes a problem; survivors’ recollection fails or is at odds with others’ memories. Description of characters, places, weather and clothes are based on testimony from survivors, eyewitness and published sources including my own experience and literal expression.

In a fresh and cohesive collection, Distant Harmony calls for all of us to examine our lives and how we are connected to our past, to nature, and to our fellow human beings.

The poignant, touching moments it records will stay with you, beckoning for you to look at the world in a different way.

It is a fable of mankind’s deeply rooted passions for freedom and the survival of the race and for a faith which carries with it the promise of salvation. It is a book of pathos, humor, repulsiveness, beauty, and tragedy. It is a dark, disturbing picture of human striving and failing... and an enlightening book of truth, wisdom and hope.



Story Illustrations of Distant Harmony:



1.The Return




2.The Repentance




3.The Glory of the Dust



4.The Price of Freedom





5.The Brass Pitcher





6.In Manhattan





7.Shadows on the Moon









9.Paris to Geneva




10.Legend of a Distant War





11.Journey of a lonely Heart





12.A desert Sketch





13.In the Mind of a Dove




14.On the Euphrates

Let the proceeds of this book, our insights, initiative and words of wisdom evoke the mood and deepen the meaning of life of a cancer patient. Proceeds are donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA.

Abdus Sattar